What we do

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Engagement & Wedding rings

Marios Jewellers is able to provide each customer with a product and service that will last a lifetime. If there is a particular design that you would like, we can manufacture it to your requirements. We stock rings for both genders and have a selection of metals – silver, titanium, white / yellow gold and platinum to name a few.

Our diamonds are all certified and are available in all different cuts, colours and carats.

The ring bands are able to be procured and sized to exactly your size


repairs, restoration & refurbishment

We are able to restore, refurbish and repair just about any watch. Whether it be an heirloom with rare parts or strap sizing or simply a battery change, we are able to assist you in store.


We are renowned for our wide selection of watches from each prestigious brand. We know that there are thousands of models and references so if we do not have the exact watch you are after we can bring it in for you.